Packages a-la-carte

In addition to our exclusive roundtrips as well as seat-in coach tours we offer for all countries packages which you can book as individual pre- and post-programmes. You can also use these programmes as individual packages in order to create your own tour through South America!

Please contact us for any individual request.

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Brazil - Brasilia Package 3 Days

Short trip into the modern capital city of Brazil atop the Brazilian highlands. The city is declared UNESCO World Heritage side due to its modernist architecture and spectacular buildings.

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Brazil - Chapada da Diamantina Package 5 Days

The National Park Chapada da Diamantina is famous for its table mountains, canyons and waterfalls. Lush vegetation with avariety of orchids and bromelain, clear mountain streams and magnificent vistas awaits you.

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Brazil - Florianopolis Package 4 Days

Located on the Island of Santa Catarina, Florianopolis is the capital of Santa Catarina state in the south of Brazil. It impresses with its Mediterranean-like landscape with 42 beaches and a very relaxed atmosphere.

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Brazil - Manaus/Amazon Ecopark Lodge 3 Days

Stay at the Amazon Ecopark Lodge located in Rio Taruma in the Brasilian Jungle. Fullboard and daily excursions into the Amazon region to discover the diversity of the local fauna and flora.

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Brazil - Manaus/Amazon Ecopark Lodge 4 Days

Several days´ stay at the Amazon Ecopark Lodge in the Brasilian Jungle including fullboard and daily excursion to visit local Amazonian residents and the monkey jungle. Opportunity for Piranha fishing.

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Brazil - Pantanal/Araras Ecolodge 4 Days

Residence at the Araras Lodge in the south of Ciuabá inclusive fullboard and excursions to the fascinating Flora & Fauna of Pantanal. The lodge has rooms with air condition, a swimming pool and a restaurant.

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Brazil - Recife Package 4 Days

Enjoy the tranquility of Recife with its ledge and coral reefs and the colonial charmed city of Olinda. Recife is called the "Brazilian Venice" due to its many rivers, small islands and over 50 bridges in the city center.