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Discover the active life of Chile - Walking, Trekking, Ski & Surf or Fly fishing - the active tours are made for travellers who want to experience the intense side of the South American Countries.

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Chile - Fly Fishing 9 Days

Another facet of versatile Chile is waiting for your guests! After exploring the capital and tasting some famous Chilean wine, guests will experience fly fishing in midst of Patagonia’s unspoiled nature!

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Chile - Ski & Surf 14 Days

Combine two famous sports at one time in one country: surfing at the well-known beaches of Punta de Lobos and Pichilemu in the South of Santiago and skiing in the Valle Nevado - the best Ski & Snowboard resort in Chile.

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Peru, Chile - Nature Walks 15 Days

Hiking in Peru and Chile is a rewarding life experience for lovers of nature and culture. Guests immerse in legendary tales of the Incan Empire and take in the breathtaking landscapes of Peru and northern Chile.

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Peru, Chile - Walking Tour 15 Days

Explore the Inkan culture on the famous Inca Trail in Peru and discover the Andean Highlands as well as the driest desert in the world: Atacama.