SAT Brazil - Cruise Handling

In all ports of South America!
SAT is the leading Incoming Agency for cruise handling all over South America.
We act as a handling agent for numerous international leading cruise
companies and take care of the shore excursions, passenger exchange
as well as pre- and post-tours.
We also provide special travel arrangements for tour operators who book
individual cruise passengers or special groups on cruise ships.

Overview of the most important ports of Brazil

Rio de Janeiro
  The beautiful Rio de Janeiro is the capital city of the same name state and the second largest city in Brazil. Rio owns an extraordinary topography. The city stretches across a 24km long ground strip, surrounded by mountains and the ocean.
  The port of Santos, located 72km south-eastern of São Paulo in the federal state of São Paulo, covers the eastern part of São Vicente Island. The city is a popular tourist destination in South America due to its beautiful beaches. The port of Santos is starting point especially for excursions to São Paulo, the biggest metropolis of South America.
Salvador da Bahia
  Salvador is the capital city of Bahia State. Here you will find a mixture of european, indigenous and african religions, legends, traditions and cultures. The historic district of the city, called „Pelourinho“, is an architectural jewel and as famous as the street carnival of Salvador.
  Recife is called the „Gateway to the Northeast". The city has many colonial buildings, beautiful beaches and a year-round comfortable climate. The city Olinda is 6 km far away and ownes centurie-old churches and mansions. Therefore the city has been declared as UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  Natal became a popular tourist destination. The Via Costeira is an 8km long seafront boulevard with hotels and restraurants, which connects the city with the southern located beach resort Ponta Negra. The cityscape is characterized by wide roads and long boulevards, that leads to the beach.
  Fortaleza is located in the North of the brazilian coast. The trend of the coast is characterized by sandy dunes and palm trees. The greatest attractions are without doubt the beaches with emerald green water and the beautiful spectacle of the „Jangadas”, traditional sail-rafts of the fishermen, who daily go to sea for fishing.
  Belém is the most important river port in the North of Brazil and applies, besides Manaus, as main city of the Amazon. In the historical center many buildings from the 17th till 19th century were preserved.
  Manaus is the hub for the whole Amazon. The city is located on the Rio Negro, 6 km far away from the meeting of Rio Negro and Rio Solimoes, which represents the origin of the brazilian Rio Amazonas. During the rubber boom in the 19th century Manaus was the largest supplier of the demanded rubber resource. Several relicts of this time, like the famous Opera, can be found in Manaus between modern skyscrapers. The city is starting point for excursions to the Brazilian jungle and cruises on the Amazon river.