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South American Tours - SAT - was established in 1973 with our first office in Frankfurt am Main which is today the global sales and marketing office of SAT, responsible for worldwide makets. In North America we are supported by our well established Sales office.
The team of SAT Frankfurt is responsible for the expansion of our worldwide clientele, gives immediate assistance to our clients in all phases of the cooperation and coordinates all sales and marketing activities of the SAT Incoming Group.

Our team consists of very committed specialists for South America and travel professionals. Any of us has discovered his own fascination of South America and as we visit this beautiful continent several times of a year we know what we are talking about.

SAT Frankfurt is at your full disposal for a first consultation and product planning, coordination of proposals as well as support by doing presentations and training sessions on the destinations.

Office Address:                                                                 
South American Tours GmbH                                         
Kaiserstrasse 23

D-60311 Frankfurt am Main

Phone:  +49 69 40 58 97 0

Fax:      +49 69 40 58 97 99

Office Hours:
Monday - Friday
09:00 - 18:00h