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We are constantly breaking new ground to develop innovative and interesting new tours. To suit those with special interests, we have come up with some ideas to show the numerous cultural aspects of Ecuador considering special focusses as for example Nature, Haciendas, Garden Route, Slow Food or Trekking as well as Agriculture and Music, Cultural and Religious Festivities.

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Get inspired from our ideas and send us your request; we will customize a tour which meets with your client's specific needs.

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Ecuadorian Art 9 Days

Ecuador is one of the smallest countries of South America yet one of the most diverse. From the coastal region over the Andes Mountains to the Amazon Region, there is an incredible variety in nature, culture and art.

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Ecuadorian Chocolate 6 Days

Ecuador is well known as world's largest exporter of cocoa beans until the beginning of the 20th Century. The “black gold” of Ecuador is famous for its extraordinary high quality and pastry chefs all over the world love to use it.

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Glamping in Ecuador 14 Days

Enjoy an unforgettable amazon cruise, spend a night camping glamorously in the rainforest, explore the biodiversity around the Mashi Lodge and experience the Galapagos Archipel in a new way.

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Honeymoon at Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands 15 Days

Enjoy the attractive city of Quito, the picturesque crater lake Laguna Cuicocha, the amazing setting of Baños, Ecuadors most popular national park Cotopaxi and the volcanic islands in the Galapagos archipel.

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The Ecuadorian Cuisine 5 Days

This tour introduces in the delicious world of Ecuador´s food and cuisine as well as culture and habits of its people, who are trying to preserve old family recipes and cooking traditions.