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Honeymoon in the Atacama Desert

(6 Days)

Calama | San Pedro de Atacama

Day Routing
01 Calama - San Pedro de Atacama

Arrival at the airport of Calama and transfer Hotel Awasi in the Atacama desert. Excursion to the Kari Canyon, an old dry river bed with caves, caverns and various small dips in the rocks. In every season of the year and every moment of the day, the special attraction of this place surprises us.  Gourmet snack with a glas of champagne on the spot. Dinner at the hotel.

02 San Pedro de Atacama

Excursion to Cejar Pond, a set of three ponds located in the middle of the Salt Flat. Its high salt concentration is similar to that found in the Dead Sea (Israel). Afternoon excursion to Catarpe pass through the Quitor Ayllu, famous for its Pukara fortress. From here, guests will stop in different  places to enjoy a new view of the Salt Range. Walk around Devil’s Creek and appreciate its strange gypsum and clay formations. Continue to the small San Isidro chapel. Finally, a romantic dinner will be set up at home of a local resident of San Pedro de Atacama, being a great opportunity to interact with the local culture.

03 San Pedro de Atacama

Leaving Awasi headed north guests will pass Guatin Valley and take a road towards Machuca. Stop at the shores of River Puritama and hike towards Machuca, which is surrounded by cacti and “colas de zorro” or fox tails. Guests begin by climbing a slope which will appear much more   difficult than it is. On top they follow a trail to reach the  Puritama Hot Springs, an ideal spot to relax and enjoy an Awasi-style appetizer. Dinner at the hotel restaurant. To end the day, a star-gazing tour will take place accompanied by champagne to toast in an astonishing ambience.

04 San Pedro de Atacama

During the morning, climb up the Toco Volcano or Saciel Volcano and simply enjoy the majestic sights of the desert from these heights. After 1 1/2 hour on the road, guests reach the Geothermic Camp of Tatio: Underground springs that gush out intermittently in the form of imposing steam and hot water columns. After having walked around, guests enjoy breakfast at sunrise. Return to Awasi. In the afternoon they participate in a cooking class featuring the local methods/ingredients following by a rural dinner. Returning back to the hotel, they will find the tub filled with special bath salts from the area, appetizers, champagne and strawberries covered in white chocolate.

05 San Pedro de Atacama

Excursion towards a town called Yerbas Buenas where guests begin to hike. First, they visit an impressive volcanic rock formation and appreciate the site’s petroglyphs. They head towards Matancilla and walk through a dry riverbed and see enormous stones and pingopingo shrubbery. Following a trail forged by shepherds, they reach the Rainbow Valley, where a delicious lunch is prepared. Return to the hotel and farewell candle-light dinner by the fireplace of the dining area.

06 San Pedro de Atacama

Transfer to Calama for the individual homebound flight.